Advantages / Demilec, your natural insulation and environmentally friendly spray foam, Liège et Wallonie

Soudal SPF O3 is a thermal insulation system efficient and environmentally friendly product in Belgium. It is applied via the projection of a liquid foam that expands in seconds later. The natural insulation Soudal SPF O3 has the following advantages:

1. Airtightness

Soudal SPF O3 foam covers even the smallest holes or cavities and leaves no room for air in its holder, in contrast to fibrous insulation (glass wool, rock wool, ...). Indeed, in cases of poor air tightness, insulation can lose up to 5 times its effectiveness (according to IBP Stuttgart).

Poor air tightness will create areas of condensation (thermal bridges) with consequences such as odors, mold and heat loss!

2.Thermal insulation continuous and seamless

    The spray foam makes it possible to thermally insulate a building on an ongoing basis: the spray foam has no joints, a major source     of heat loss.
   Soudal SPF O3 diffuse water vapor while being airtight.


3. Acoustic insulation

    Soudal SPF O3 reduces the impact of noise in your building (cars, motorcycles, airplanes, neighbors, ...).

4.Environmentally friendly

   The environment page describes more fully this insulation product.